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Wedding Day Timeline

So your wedding day is approaching and you have no clue what the ideal order of events or their duration are for your wedding day. Well darling, FEAR NO MORE!!! We have done over two hundred weddings so we can definitely help you out. Scheduling for us is a breeze and therefore you can trust us to advise you on every detail of your wedding program.


So, here we go for a wedding ceremony which starts at 15h00. Adapt your schedule according to what time your wedding starts. It should be around three hours before the sun sets on your wedding day's date and location.

(Please note, that this schedule does not account for travel times, should your wedding have multiple locations)

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30 mins

The filming of the bride's detail is a very special moment because it sets the scene for her getting dressed and preparing for her groom. What we capture are her shoes, jewelry, perfume, dress and any other special details she set aside for her wedding day

Bride Detail


30 mins

The capturing of the groom's details is a lot of fun. During this time, the groom and his groomsmen will start getting ready for his mock dress-up. The groom will only put on his pants and shirt. We  capture his shoes, watch, cologne, tie and any other special details he has set aside for the day. This includes extras such as whiskey, gifts and/or cigars.

Groom Detail


60 mins

Now you're probably wondering, "WHY A MOCK DRESS UP???" Well the answer is simply due to the fact that the photo and video team cannot be at the bride's dressing and the groom's dressing at the same time. It's physically impossible. Why early the morning: Well, the groomsmen are sober and easier to work with and the groom is more relaxed and not stressed about the aisle.

Groom and Groomsmen Mock Dress Up


60 mins

Capturing the venue and decor is very important. More often than not, the bride has been dreaming about the look and decor of her wedding day for a very long time. Here we will film and/or photograph all the details and decor of your reception and designated ceremony locations.

Venue and Decor


30 mins

Here we would like to film and/or photograph the bride and bridesmaids just before they get dressed. We will capture some makeup and hair shots as well as popping some champagne and final moments before getting dressed. Immediately after the final pre-dress moments, the bridesmaids get fully dressed. The bride should then only get in to her dress, not putting on shoes or jewelry.

Bride Makeup and Pre-Dress 


90 mins

This is one of the most special moments of your wedding day. At this stage we capture all the emotional and special moments where the bride button/zips/laces up her dress, puts on her shoes and jewelry. We also make some time to photograph beautiful portraits and special family moments. We also leave the bride a little earlier for her to compose herself and prepare for the aisle.

Bride Getting Dressed


60 mins

With multiple angles, we discretely capture all the special moments of your ceremony. This will be a documentary style of capturing to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to your wedding ceremony.

The Ceremony


30 mins

You are married! We capture the confetti, cake cutting and the family photos.

Confetti, Familiy Photos and Cake Cutting


45 mins

This is one of the most fun parts of your wedding day. Here we will do some fun interactive photographs and/or filming of your bridal party. In this time is where you celebrate your nuptials with the closest of friends while capturing the memories forever.

Filming the Bridal Party


45 mins

This is the time you as couple slip away and capture your first moments alone as married couple. These moments are romantic and beautiful. These photos tend to be the ones you frame, mount and share with the world.

Couple Shoot


120 plus min

Time to feast. Some couples opt to do their first dance as part of their walk in at the reception. This allows those with a Duckling and Bronze package, to still capture their first dance and spare a few dollars. It also makes for a grand entry, making sure the MR and MRS have arrived in style!

Walk-In and Reception and Formalities


90 mins

Duck Soup will capture your speeches and go around the reception hall photographing friends and some special moments

Speeches and Photographing Guests


30 mins

All the dancing captured to document the final festivities of your day.

Opening of the Dance Floor


30 mins

For those who like to capture the traditional formalities, the Golden and Golden Duck Packages cater for your wedding party needs.

Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Toss

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